We offer the latest vulcanization technologies for continuously produced profile sections or hoses made of rubber or silicone. We will optimize your production processes, from the short shock zone to the high-speed system with long heat control zones.

Hot runner

  • Heated length of up to 12 meters,
  • Electric or gas heating,
  • Regenerative use of the input energy,
  • High air velocities for best heat transfer,
  • Smooth high-temperature belts for product handling, and
  • Best used in combination with a microwave channel.

Microwave channel

  • Microwave channel combined with hot air,
  • Best heat transfer from the microwave to the product,
  • High air velocities for best heat transfer,
  • Regenerative use of the input energy, and
  • No-load protection though circulator.

Salt bath

  • Unpressurized vulcanization in the molten salt up to 250°C,
  • Best heating of the profile section in the molten salt through direct contact,
  • Vulcanization under hermetically sealed conditions,
  • Electrically or gas heated molten salt,
  • Pure trickling section or trickling section in combination with roller section,
  • Heated length up to 25 meters,
  • Subsequently intensive cleaning and cooling of the profile section,
  • Best surface quality on combined effect with the extruder, and
  • Salt recycling through recycling plant.

Infrared radiator

Infrared radiator of the latest type and design, tuned to your product, will guarantee high yields at minimum energy input.

  • Very high energy density,
  • Purposeful energy input into the product,
  • High space-time yield,
  • Flexible in relation to the product,
  • Uniform heating,
  • Infrared radiation tuned to your product, and
  • Short response times when the infrared radiator is activated or deactivated in combination with hot air: ideal in a combination of infrared radiators with hot air to quickly heat the product to vulcanization temperature and to then hold this temperature with hot air, with a view to increasing the line speed.

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